Steps for Successful Tours

We look forward to your visit to the Independence Heritage Museum. In order to make your visit more enjoyable and productive, please note the following information:

We have two handouts available to fill out while visiting the museum. You are welcome to print them, or request that we have them available to you when you arrive.

  • Leave all food, drinks, and large bags in your vehicle

  • Feel free to take photographs throughout the Museum, but be sure to turn off your flash, as bright lights can damage artifacts.

  • Only pencils may be used in the museum.

Create Groups

Tours are limited to 36 students maximum per visit due to the capacity of our museum.

Before entering the museum, divide students into smaller groups of equal numbers and assign chaperones to stay with each group. Please limit groups to 6 students to allow for a smooth entry into our facility.


Please bring 1 adult chaperone per 6 students.

Chaperones are asked to:

  • keep the assigned group together and stay with them at all times;

  • assist groups with teacher-led or docent-led activities;

  • direct assigned students not to touch or lean on the walls, cases, and museum objects to help preserve our museum’s delicate space and collections; and

  • refrain from using cell phones while supervising students.

Parking & Lunch

You have two options for school bus parking:

1) There is a large parking lot across from the museum next to the post office. You may park there.

2) There is a large parking lot at the end of C Street, by the river and at the edge of Riverview Park. If you plan to utilize the park, we recommend parking here and walking up to the museum.


We do not have the ability to accommodate folks brining sack lunches. The park is a wonderful option, as the weather permits.

Let's Work Together

There is no admission fee to the Heritage Museum, but donations are greatly appreciated.