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The Heritage Museum is more than a place to come and look at items on display. We are here as a community resource.

We have a conference room available for rent, along with an optional coffee service for the event or meeting you are hosting in the room.

We are also here to help you with your research endeavors. Whether it's plain ol' curiosity, or you are working on a specific project, we are happy to help as we can. Please keep in mind that we recently moved to our new location, which means we are still organizing our archives. We may not be able to immediately help you with your research request.

Please look at the services below for more information, along with listed fees, to determine if we can help you or your organization.


Conference Rooms

We have one conference rooms available. The Chinook Room can be set up to your specifications. Depending on the set up will depend on how many people you can

comfortably fit.


Coffee Service

Having a meeting and would like coffee provided? Click below for more information.

Organized Files


Interested in learning and research? We can help - check below for more info.

If you are interested in having your event at the museum, please contact the museum directly.


(503) 838 - 4989

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